About Me

Hello, I’m Taby! I started from a small workshop in a garage in 2019 and have since opened my own storefront. Working as a full-time florist has allowed me to completely embrace my two greatest passions: bringing creative ideas to life and spreading smiles across the community.

In my world, flowers are everything! They’re the medium through which I express my artistry. With each floral piece I design, I invest not just time, but a piece of my soul, ensuring that every detail is attended to with the utmost care. This is to make certain that the final creation is nothing short of perfect, resonating with your personal style and conveying your deepest sentiments to those who mean the most to you.

Taby in a purple field of flowers

The Process

In my florist shop, I treat every bouquet and arrangement as a unique work of art, crafted with a personal touch. I start by carefully choosing each flower for its freshness and beauty, thinking about how the colors and textures will work together. Then, I artfully combine these elements, drawing on my expertise and a sprinkle of creativity to make arrangements that are as special as the moments they’re meant for. Every creation is distinct, ensuring that the floral gift you give is as extraordinary and unique as the person receiving it. It’s more than just a bouquet; it’s a heartfelt expression, customized to capture your emotions and make a memorable impact.

The Flowers

At Flowers by Taby, I cherish the opportunity to source each bloom directly from the growers in our community, ensuring that every flower plays a part in supporting the neighborhood that has raised us. Opting for local is my way of celebrating our region’s abundance and strengthening the bonds within our town. My dedication to local sourcing goes beyond mere business—it’s a heartfelt commitment to contribute to our local economy and to showcase the lush beauty that thrives in our very own backyard.

Fall flower centerpiece arrangement
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